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BMW K1200R #1

Something new again. Last autumn I test-drove the brand new K1200S and the engine was a revelation by BMW standards. I had never experienced anything so powerful before. On top of that I got a new chassis with a new front wheel guide. I was very enthusiastic. But the enthusiasm was clouded by two things: For my taste, the unit had far too much fairing and I hit a fairing edge unfavorably with my knees while driving.

A little later BMW announced the K1200R. My must-have decision took only a few minutes. Since 4 June 2006 you can actually have the bike and I got mine on 15 June 2006. It is a unique specimen. The colour is not available at BMW for this machine.

The technical data (manufacturer's data):

  • 1157 cm³ displacement
  • 163 HP at 10,500 rpm
  • 127 Nm max. torque at 8,250 rpm
  • 262 km/h top speed
  • 237 kg mass ready to drive with a full tank (211 kg dry)

It comes with

  • ABS with partial integral braking system and brake booster
  • Heating handles
  • Catalytic converter - you can't get it without it from BMW anyway

I added

  • Sports windshield
  • Sports wheels
  • ESA (Electronic suspension adjustment)
  • White turn signal lenses
  • Power outlet for GPS
  • Blue vehicle colour. I like blue much better than the colors offered by BMW
Odometer reading zero miles