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BMW K1300R #1
Nürburgring 2011

Another time at the Nürburgring Nordschleife race track for a two day riding training. As usual and as usual together with Wolfgang.

It was wet most of the time but we enjoyed it regardless. The group with instructur Helmut Stanik got a little bit too fast for me the second day and I changed to the group of Detlef Behrens.

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1 Pro photos

There are always professioanl fotographers a the track. This time the pictures come from Race Pixx

Me on the track
The paddock
Wolfgang on the track

On the first day there was the Formula 1 Grand Prix while we had our training. In the evening I had a look out of my hotel room at the Grand Prix track but not much was to see anymore. Just some cleaning up in the rain which we had all day.
Trucks of the Ferrari Team
Next morning starts with sun and silence