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Alps, July 2004

This year we had a remake of the 2003 Alps tour

Again, 8 days were available. This time we had Doris, Stephan, Frank and I. We crossed passes 65 times on 45 passes and collected 2126 miles.

Day 1

Traveling towards the Alps via Autobahn to Schleiz, then via Bavaria via fast country roads to Stephan's Brother in Tettenhausen close to Traunstein

Day 2

Now the fun part starts. While Frank and Stephan attend a leaning training

... I go with Doris to Hotel Moser at Weissensee in Austria and I try to find the first passes.
  • Steinpass 2017 ft
  • Kniepass 1699 ft
  • Pass Strub 2309 ft
  • Grießenpass 3202 ft
  • Filzensattel 4239 ft
  • Sattel 4452 ft
  • Großglockner 8435 ft
  • Iselsbergpass 3963 ft
The mountains welcome us covered in clouds and with rain showers
Doris at the first pass which has a pass sign. The Filzensattel in Austria
Climbing up the Großglockner develops into an adventure. We have maximum 30 ft visibility. I hardly find the exit to the Edelweisspitze.
The view is as expected
On the way down we find snow
But some minutes later the situation changes and at Franz-Joseph-Höhe the sun is shining and we have a great view over the glacier.
In Heiligenblut the weather is great and we can have our afternoon coffee with cake on a sun deck.
We arive at Hotel Moser at Weißensee in the evening
Day 3

We move on to our base in the Dolomiti, Chalet Gerard at Grödner Joch. We have quite a distance to go and we will meet Frank and Stephan again.

This is the schedule for Doris and me:
  • Kreuzbergsattel 3533 ft
  • Nassfeldpass 5019 ft
  • Passo del Cason di Lanza 5091 ft
  • Forcella di Lius 3343 ft
  • Sella Valcalda 3143 ft
  • Sella di Razzo 5774 ft
  • Forcella Larvadet 5059 ft
  • Sella Ciampigotto 5872 ft
  • Sant Angelo Pass 5170 ft (Lago di Misurina)
  • Drei Zinnen Bergstrasse 7874 ft (omitted)
  • Passo Cimabance 5016 ft (Gemärkpass)
  • Falzaregopass 6906 ft
  • Valporalapass 7192 ft
  • Campolongopass 6151 ft
  • Pordoijoch 7345 ft
  • Sellajoch 7260 ft
But first I need to enjoy swimming in the lake as I did the evening before.
Then we go over the border pass to Italy, the Nassfeldpass. This pass is especially nice on the Austrian side. There the road is in very good conditions and there are no 150 ft of road without a turn.
Lunch break at Lago di Misurina...
with view to "Drei Zinnen"
Shortly later we meet Stephan and Frank. But they have chosen another route. So we meet again at Falzarego Pass and Campolongo Pass
Stephan at Lago di Misurina
Pass photo at Campolongo
View from Pordoi Pass
We arrive Chalet Gerard in the evening.
It is beautifully located at the western ramp of the Grödner Joch at about 6450 ft elevation.
From there you have the incredible view to Großkogel (right) and Sella (left). Here in two variations ...
... in the morning...
... and in the evening
Balou is staff member
More important is Guiseppe, the waiter who is there for us in the morning and in the evening. The five course meal is great. Giuseppe creates the salat at the table.
From there you have the incredible view to Großkogel (right) and Sella (left). Here in two variations in the morning...
Day 4

A loop towards East from Sella

  • Grödnerjoch 6959 ft
  • Valporalapass 7198 ft
  • Falzaregopass 6906 ft
  • Passo Cimabance 5016 ft (Gemärkpass)
  • Sant Angelo Pass 5761 ft (Lago di Misurina)
  • San Antonio Pass 4842 ft
  • Sappadapass 4261 ft
  • Sella di Razzo 5774 ft
  • Forcella Larvadet 5059 ft
  • Sella Ciampigotto 5872 ft
  • Tre Crocipass 5921 ft
  • Falzaregopass 6906 ft
  • Pordoijoch 7345 ft
  • Sellajoch 7260 ft
Tom and Doris watch the cable car at Falzarego Pass
Break at Lago di Misurina
Lunch break
Pass photo
Doris and Stephan climbing up the Falzarego Pass
Frank at the same spot
Day 5

A loop towards west from Sella

  • Grödnerjoch 6958 ft
  • Penser Joch 7267 ft
  • Lavazejoch 5928 ft
  • Passo di Pramadiccio 4694 ft
  • Karerpass (only eastern ramp) 5725 ft
  • Sellajoch 7260 ft
View from Penser Joch
Day 6

A loop to the South from Sella. Something like the master loop with some very demanding passes

  • Sellajoch 7260 ft
  • Pellegrinopass 6295 ft
  • Vallespass 6663 ft
  • Passo di Rolle 6525 ft
  • Forcella Aurine 4491 ft
  • Duranpass 5252 ft
  • Forcella Staulanza 5793 ft
  • Giaupass 7316 ft
  • Falzaregopass 6906 ft
  • Fedaiapass 6745 ft
  • Sellajoch 7260 ft
But first the Dolomiti bicycle road race is in the way.
Valles Pass
View from Rolle Pass
Doris, Stephan and Frank on the summit
Southern ramp of Giau pass
Panorama view of northern ramp of Giau pass
Eastern ramp of Fedaia pass
Fedaia with view over the reservoir towards Mormolada glacier
Day 7

Return home
Stephan has to change tires in Brixen
We go the planned route and meet Stephan at Timmelsjoch Pass from where we continue to Benediktbeuren

  • Penser Joch 7267 ft
  • Jaufenpass 6886 ft
  • Timmelsjoch 8149 ft
  • Hahntennjoch 6181 ft
  • Planseestrasse 3202 ft
  • Ammersattel 3549 ft
Tom and Doris have a break at Ritten, very high above Bozen
Pass photo at Penser Joch
View from Timmelsjoch towards Italy
Meeting at Timmelsjoch. We meet Stephan again and we have a chat amongst bikers
Back in Austria
Stephan and I cannot resist the water of the Plansee lake
Day 8/9

Back to Berlin We drive via Thuringia back to Berlin. We stay over night in Leutenberg and then we drive home via Apolda, Eckartsberga, Bibra, Eisleben, Köthen, Dessau, Wiesenburg to Berlin

What else?

What else? Doris can handle multiple helmets
Packing is a matter which needs to be approached advisedly and systematically