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Thuringia, Nürburgring, Munich, May 2005

The first big tour this year is a combination of four tours. First I go with Thomas and Stephan to Neuhaus am Rennweg in Thuringia. Then I visit Manu and Marc in Solingen. Next comes a Nürburgring racetrack training with Motorrad-Actionteam. And finally I go to my Grandma in Munich and to Wolfgang for a little Allgäu mountain loop. In total I did 2526 miles.

Thuringia with Thomas and Stephan

Rope ferry in Aken - just driven by the water stream
Dominant weather and suitable clothes
Hotel Herrnberger Hof
Breakfast trio
Farewell picture

It was dry but very cold.

Braking excercises
Line up for relaxation excercises
My next bike, a BMW K1200R was there as a test bike of a BMW employee. Official start of sale is 4 June 2005 but I was able to have a look
Group members Horst, Ralf, Gerhard, Nino and Instructor Perry (vlnr)
Instructor Perry Rodan
Track pictures of pvw Pietsch

On my way to Munich I pass Sinsheim. There is a technology museum and it is the only place in the world where you can see side by side the only two supersonic passenger jets ever in operation. To the left Tupolev Tu 144 and to the right the Concorde
Mountain visit with Grandma Lotte

This time Fahrenbergkopf mountain and Herzogstand mountain between Kochelsee lake and Walchensee lake

View from the top station of the cable car
Lotte knows where to go
Panoramic view from Herzogstand. To the left Kochelsee lake, to the right Walchensee lake and in the middle the power plant
Closer view to the power plant
View from Fahrenbergkopf mountain to Herzogstand mountain

Garden impression
Federal gardening show in Munich Riem

Rather meager, not many flowers and not to recommend

You are supposed to feel like a mice
... and here like a bird in a nest - loco
Views from the cable car
The last patch