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New Jersey, New York City, Six Flags Great Adventure, August 2008

Anke, Thomas and Björn are in town. And as usual I try to be a good guide and I try to find something I haven't done before. As it seems, both objectives have been met.

1st Day

Arrival Day. As ususal I do some little teaser. In this case the speed boat ride into the NY harbor. Weather is dry and warm

The Shark is waiting for us
Björn and Tom
View from the boat to Brooklyn Bridge with NY Waterfall
2nd Day

Sightseeing in Manhattan on a Sunday. Weather is great and we do the standard program

Top of the rock with amazing views to lower Manhattan ...
... and Central Park
We were here (Tom, Anke, Thomas, Björn)
Empire State Building
Flat Iron Building
Ground Zero
Battery Park
Staten Island Ferry
Passing the Statue of Liberty
View back to Manhattan
Sony World
Apple Store at 5th Avenue at Central Park
Extremely crowded
Central Park
View down 6th Avenue straight down to Houston Street. There is a street market going on
Broadway show. Mama Mia was surprisingly funny. I can recommend this show.
Waiting for the show to begin
Times Square at night
The Naked Cowgirl seems to try to capitalize on the Naked Cowboy. But she is not half as good as he is.
3rd Day - Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is a big amusement park with 13 roller coasters. One of them - Kingda Ka - claims to be the fastest and tallest in the world. Lauren, wife of a co-worker joins us for the day. Anke, Thomas and Björn are rather hestiant but change their mind to some degree during the day. For Lauren and myself the big rides are on target.

We start with Medusa. Thomas tries and decides afterwards to do some more rides.
El Toro is the largest wooden roller coaster in the world and we learn that a roller coaster ride can be thrilling even without loopings and cork screws
See the hairs of the passengers
Height 456 ft (139 m)
Drop 418 ft (127 m)
Length 3,118 ft (950 m)
Max speed 128 mph (206 km/h)
Duration 59 seconds
Acceleration 0 to 128 mph (0 to 206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds
Max g-force approx. 4-5

Unbelievable. The acceleration is great, the near stop at the top is great, the drop with the twist is great.

Thomas tried to make a video and I found some more interesting stuff at YouTube

Tom and Lauren very amazed after the ride
Great American Scream Machine cannot compete with Kingda Ka or El Toro
Thomas and Björn try the simple things like the parachute
Superman - Ultimate Flight

You are hanging in your seat facing forward. It's getting weird during one inward looping where you are actually on your back.
Batman - see the hat flying
Lauren and myself agreed upon the top 3 of Six Flags Great Adventure

1. Kingda Ka
2. El Toro
3 Nitro
4th Day

Some shopping at Jersey Gardens
Jones Beach at Long Island
and a Mets game in the evening
One can see the Manhattan skyline
The stadium
Anke and Tom enjoying the evening
5th Day

Well, there is a two weeks break in between where the three took a big tour to Chicago, Niagara Falls and Boston. Then they came back.

This day was for shopping at Woodbury Common and Palisades Mall Anke systematically exploring the shops
German Wurst offered here
In the afternoon we watch "The Dark Knight" in the IMAX cinema
6th Day

Some action. We try Jet Skiing at Seaside Park

And the water at the beach
Anke, Thomas and Björn
Björn and Tom
7th Day

Departure day and time for some nature and some final views. We go to Bear Mountain

View towards Manhattan
Bear Mountain Bridge
Birds of prey
View to George Washington Bridge and Manhattan