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Winter in Berlin and London, February 2009

It is a cold and long winter this year.

Here are some pictures I have taken in Berlin and on a Flight to London at the beginning of February

View from my appartment. It is cold and foggy and the trees in the graveyard behind my house are covered with hoar frost
London has seen the worst snow storms in about 20 years which has impacted public life severely. But the very next day I had to go there and from the plane it looked quite nice.
Canary Warf and Millenium Dome (The O2)
London City Airport
View over London City
Watford, a little city in the London suburbs where the office is located

And again on 17th of February more snow in Berlin. This is the view out of my apartment in the morning.
A lot of new snow
Even the Reichstag is covered with snow