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Teneriffe, December 2010

Christmas Break on Teneriffe Island, a little island west of Africa but belonging to Spain as part of Canary Islands.

Relaxing in the warm sun after winter started early and quite harsh at home

I will be on the island in Puerto de la Cruz for one week. Not much but enough to enjoy some sun and have some adventures.

1 Anreise

During my journey I get reminded of the European winter by these snow covered Spanish mountains about half an hour flight before reaching Madrid
The hotel has a nice pool
with a nice view over the town of Puerto de la Cruz
and towards Teide, a 12,198 feet high volcano and the highest Spanish mountain
2 Wale Watching

I go for Wale-Watching to Los Christianos
Panorama view of Los Christianos' coast line
Sailing impression
Pilot whales
Pilot whales in front of La Gomera island
Cliffs in the north west of Teneriffe
Masca Gorge
La Gomera in the distance
3 Sightseing

A little sightseeing tour to Puerto de la Cruz
Historic city
Cannons protect the harbor
Huge seas
4 Teide

The highlight is a tour to Teide on 31 December. It brings us literally above the clouds. A nice way to close a year.

Sunrise at Teide
View half way up
View back to Puerto de la Cruz
Fantastic view at the base station of the cable car
The cable car brings us up to 11,663 ft elevation - about 600 ft below summit
A video from the ride up
unbelievable panorama
The crater of the volcano up above us
Above the clouds
view back from below
West coast. We are just below the clouds
View to Garachico at the northern coast
5 Flight back

On the flight back home there were still things to watch

Adios Teneriffa (Santa Cruz de Teneriffe)
Last view to Teide
A view over the Pyrenees reminds me of the winter in Europe