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Alps, Dolomites, August 2011

Well, a little insane idea hat to be followed. Last time we stopped at Würzjoch in July Thomas noted he wanted to have a stay overnight there just to see the morning sun. And he wanted to go over Nockalm road in Austria. I said "Just let's do it" and that's how it started. We both had only time for an extended weekend. So it became a four day (plus one afternoon) trip to the Dolomites. The most southern point is about 430 miles direct line away. In total I had to ride 1430 miles. This is more than 300 miles a day. Fortunatley weather was fine.

Thomas came together with Alps rookie Rico. He did a very good job. Nice to see when you can pass on some of your enthusiasm for the mountains to a beginner.

1 Day 1

I start in the afternoon at four to get to the meeting point in Saxonia.

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Map 2011_08_17

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I spot a hot air balloon on my way
2 Tag 2

We go through Czech republic and Germany to Austria. Still on our journey just to get into the mountains

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Map 2011_08_18

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The hotel in Saxonia is an old mill. Nicely refurbished and with good food.
Bikes are ready
We arrive in the evening in Austria and stay over night in Hotel Alpenhof
3 Day 3

The highlight of the trip. We will go over Nockalm road and then to Italy and via Giau Pass to Würzjoch.

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Map 2011_08_19

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Hotel in the morning
Thomas is ready
Morning coffee at Turracher Höhe
View from Eisentalhöhe at Nockalm road
Lunch at Plöckenpass
It was very foggy the last time we have been here in July. This time it is a little bit better. One can imagine the big vista
Thomas and Rico
Giau Pass. Rico is here for the first time
29 hairpins. And this is just the southern ramp of the pass
Valparola Pass
Thomas and Rico enjoy the view
2 miles before we reach our destination a thunderstorm sets in. After arrival at Würzjoch we watch the spectacle and enjoy the rainbow
Afterwards the clouds are glowing during sunset
4 Day 4

And now we have to leave the Alps. But we will go over my favorite pass the Timmlesjoch Pass.

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Map 2011_08_20

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Würzjoch in the morning
The hotel
Rico prepares for the day
Arrival at Jaufenpass
Gorgeous view
Timmelsjoch - the Italian side
Thomas arrives at the top of the pass
Mountain goats
Rico climbs the pass...
... und and arrives at top
Last view back to Italy
At the toll point in Austria

Thomas, Tom and Rico
View to Sölden
View to the glacier
5 Day #5

Getting home to Berlin

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Map 2011_08_21

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Hotel Bergerwirt in the morning
At noon we have lunch and then we part from Thomas to get home to Berlin.