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Berlin, April 2016

Susanne is in town and expects to get entertained. So there are some points on the agenda.

We start the evening in Havanna-Bar with food and some cocktails
The next day we go to Offroad-Park-Berlin-Brandenburg. We want to ride Tatra 813. It is a huge truck with 8 wheel drive. It weigths about 12 tons and can drag about 100 tons.
First ascending slope
Stop in between
We proceed
In the village nearby some horses park next to the road
In the evening we go to "The Bird" and have burger and cheese cake
Then classic concert in the Berlin Philharmony Susanne discovers street art
Limos have arrived
Berlin Philharmonie
The next day we go into an exit game. We have to stop an alien invasion. We accomplish the mission within the last minute. Susanne does not know yet what she will have to do.
Mission accomplished