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Canary Island La Palma, December 2016

The annual Christmas escape together with my dad. This time to a Canary island again. We selected La Palma. There is only one more island on our list.

La Palma is quite small but a steep mountain. It climbs up to 7200 feet to the edge of the volcano crater Caldera de Taburiente. We have spring like temperatures, some rain and some heavy wind. But we had sunny days too.

1 The Flight

There is a direct flight from Berlin. One reaches the island in less than five hours.

The flight goes over France, Spain and Portugal Reservoir Embalse de Borbollón in Spain
Arrival on the tiny airport of La Palma in pouring rain
2 The Hotel

A very nice but large and spacious resort with many pools right next to the costal cliffs

View from the room to the sunset
3 Hiking on the edge of Caldera de Taburiente

I want to see the crater and book a hiking tour along the edge of it.

We get there by bus. On our way I see Queen Elizabeth II in the port of Santa Cruz
There are some snow patches up there in 6000 ft elevation. Temperatures are between 32 and 40 F
Quite clever and voracious ravens do even steal food out of backpacks
Views at the edge of the crater
Many telescopes at Pico Fuente Nueva
Some more snow on our way to the highest point
Roque de los Muchachos
On our way home we see the hotel resort from above
4 Island tour

We rent a car and do a loop around the island. It is just about 100 miles.

At Mirador de El Time we have a nice view ...
... to Los Llanos...
... and endless banana farms along the cost line
Roque de los Muchachos again
View back to Los Llanos
Dad at Pico Fuente Nueva
View at Mirador de Los Andenes
Break within the pine woods above Santa Cruz...
... with view to the town
Santa Cruz in a distance
An airplane approaches the airport
On the way back we see the hotel resort from above ...
...amongst banana farms
The wind is quite heavy
5 Farewell

Upon departure I get a last view to the summit of the island in the clouds