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Berlin, June 2019

Friends on visit in Berlin. We go to Museum Park Rüdersdorf close to the city limits of Berlin. There is a big open limestone mine and feeds a cement plant. At the edge there are historic facilities. We do a tour along the edge of the mine, watch operations and have a look at the history facilities. Unfortunately we miss a blast in the mine.

1 The tour

We ride along the edge of the mine with a Landrover Defender

Our vehicle
View into the mine
Heavy Trucks
The cement plant in a distance
Off the car
The dumper carries 100 tons
The mine extends over 5 miles
The mine
Waste gets dumped
Lunch break is over
The dumpers move on
Dumping the load
Next loop
Remote destination
Waste transport along the edge where the next blast will happen
The edge is already prepared for the next blast
The tour is over
2 The Museum Park

We have a look at the historic facilities

Historic buckets
Historic shaft furnance facility
Behind it a history cement plant
Shaft furnance facility
Historic facilities
Other side
A historc crusher for breaking the limestone
3 Mine Operations

We find a spot where we can watch the operations

A dumper arrives
The excavator is ready
Nine scoops load the 100 tons dumper
View to the mine
The dumper is loaded and moves back
Some miles to go
4 Finally

At the end we get coffee and cake

Éclairs from the Éclair world champion Klinkmüller
5 Der Flug danach

Because I did not take my air vehicle with me I returned to Rüdersdorf on Sunday morning and took some aerial pictures.

The mine
A blast edge
360 panorama of the mine
The museum park with the historic cement plant
The historic shaft furnance facility
360 panorama of the museum park